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*Here's a great ice-breaker for your youth group, called Shoe Chat:

1. Split the group into 2 halves.

2. Get each half of the group to line up against opposite sides of the room.

3. Have each student take off 1 shoe and make a pile of their team's shoes in the middle of the room. Each team should have a separate pile next.

4. Relay style, the first person from each team selects a random shoe from the other team's pile and then find the person that shoe belongs to.

5. Once they have found their match, have a question ready so each student in the pair can answer it and get to know each other a little bit better.

6. Have the next player from each team start the same process once the duo before them finds each other.

7. Continue until all players have had a chance to go.

Hope your students enjoy the game!

- Nick Diliberto, Youth Group Games

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* Note: The game we published above is a variation of a game posted here: https://youthgroupgames.com.au/games/383/shoe-talk/

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