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Bible: John 14:6 (NLT)

Bottom Line: God has provided the only solution to sin and separation from Himself - Jesus.


  • Painter’s tape


Use painter’s tape to create a line across the floor.

Also, use the tape to create an “F” on one side of the tape, and a “T” on the other side of the tape, on the floor.

Students will play this game as individuals. 


Say: Laws are created to establish standards and maintain order in our society.

In the history of the United States, there have been some fascinating laws. 

In the game we are about to play, I will read a law, or something that is similar to an actual law.

You will have to decide if what I’m reading is true or false.

On the floor, I have created a “T” for True and an “F” for False. 

When I read the law, you will have five seconds to choose whether you believe the statement is true or false, and then, stand on that side of the room.

When I reveal the answer, whichever side is incorrect, is out of the game.

The players who have chosen the correct answer will remain in the game.

We will play until there is only one player left, or until I run out of True or False statements.

Whenever there are less than five students left, only three or fewer people can be on each side – you will have to choose your answer quickly before there are too many people on your side.

Are you ready? Let’s play!


  • You cannot use silly string in Southington, Connecticut unless it’s in the privacy of your home. TRUE
  • In Illinois, you cannot fall asleep in a cheese shop. TRUE
  • In Kansas, you cannot swim in a public fountain unless you are wearing a swimming suit. FALSE 
  • If you disturb a church service in Missouri, you can be arrested. TRUE
  • In some counties in New Hampshire, you can have a picnic in a cemetery. FALSE
  • In New York, you cannot take a selfie with a tiger. TRUE
  • In Oklahoma, it’s against the law to make glue from a dead skunk. TRUE
  • In Tennessee, it’s against the law to use someone else’s Netflix account. TRUE
  • In Vermont, it’s against the law to put up a clothesline. FALSE
  • In Kansas, you can use a mule to go duck hunting. FALSE
  • In Texas, it is against the law to sell your eyeball. TRUE
  • In Ohio, you can legally fish for whales on Sundays. FALSE


Say: Today, our topic is “salvation” – the deliverance from sin and its consequences.

In our game, we learned about some rare, and funny laws that might not make sense to us, but were somehow created out of necessity.

There might be a good reason why you can’t take a selfie with a tiger, or sell your eyeball.

And whether or not you agree with the law, you will suffer consequences if you choose not to obey it.

Like I mentioned before, laws are formed when there is a need to maintain order.

For example, the practice of staking claim to a piece of property began with the first gold rush in the 1800s.

A mining claim would give you the ability to extract minerals from a piece of public land.

During the gold rush, it was a race to be the first to claim a piece of land, with the hope of finding gold.

Ask: What do you think it would have been like to live during the California gold rush?

Allow a few responses from students.

Although it was an exciting time in American history, men, women, and children sacrificed everything for the opportunity to “strike it rich!”

There’s a story about a man who left his wife and son in New England and headed to San Francisco to mine for gold.

His plan was when he became successful, he would send for his family, but it took longer than he had expected.

Finally, he had enough money, so he sent for them.

His wife and son boarded a boat and sailed away.

Not long after the boat set sail, people started yelling, "Fire! Fire!" as the ship became engulfed in flames.

Not only was there the danger of fire, but the boat was carrying a shipment of gun powder.

Once the fire hit the gun powder, destruction was inevitable.

The crew hustled to get out the lifeboats but there weren't enough, and they were too small to handle the passengers.

Just as the last boat was pushing away, this mother begged the crew to take her and her son.

But, there was no room – the boats were filled.

She cried and pleaded until they agreed to take one more person.

Do you think this mother jumped into the boat and left her son to die?

Of course not.

As she hugged and kissed her boy before dropping him into the lifeboat, she said, "My boy, if you live to see your father, tell him that I died in your place."

This story is parallel to the sacrifice that God made in sending Jesus to die for us – He died in our place.

Read John 14:6.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

This scripture reminds us that there is no other way to God than through Jesus.

Ask: What does that mean? How do we “come to the Father”?

Allow a few responses from students.

In the Old Testament, we read how the Jewish people tried to obey the Law, and they couldn't do it.

So, they gave sacrifices to God, to gain His approval and cover their sin.

Then, God sent Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for our sin.

Because of His sacrifice, not only will we not suffer the eternal consequences of our sin, but we will receive an eternal reward for following God.

All He asks of us is that we believe and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior.

We can’t earn salvation – it’s impossible.

We can’t be good enough or do enough good things – sin still separates us from God.

God has provided the only solution to sin and separation from Himself, and that is Jesus.

You have the opportunity to come to the Father, God, and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Salvation is free – freely accept it.

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